Read our guide, which will help you organize transport rental quickly and efficiently

How to effectively plan a coach or bus rental? Organizing transport for a larger or smaller group of people requires a good plan. Regardless of whether it is a group of tourists, a school trip or passengers going to a given event – it is necessary to prepare each point of the journey in detail. Where to start, how to go about it, what to pay special attention to? Below you will find hints and tips.

Count the passengers

First of all, when planning transport for a group of people, the exact number of passengers is essential. This information will help you determine at the beginning what type of vehicle, a larger coach or a smaller bus, should be booked. It will also help determine the time needed to gather all guests or participants of a given event.

What are we driving?

If the number of guests or event participants is already determined, you can start looking for a suitable vehicle. It’s a good idea to choose the most optimal offer: not to overpay and ensure driving comfort for each passenger. Fortunately, there are many options:
– buses for a smaller number of people,
– buses for up to 50 or 70 people, depending on the number of participants;
– double-decker coaches – for larger groups that prefer to travel together.

Travel comfort

We cannot forget about ensuring passengers’ driving comfort. If you are planning a long journey, it is a good idea to choose a coach equipped with a toilet, minibar, multimedia system, adjustable seats and phone chargers.

Destination location

“Determining the exact address – the destination – will help you avoid problems related to getting lost, wasting time and annoying passengers. It is a good idea to instruct the driver in detail where the destination is so that he can prepare for the journey. At this stage, you should also plan stops for travelers if the journey is long, and predict the approximate duration of breaks. Such a plan will help you arrive at your destination on time.
This is also a good time to determine the exact place from which the departure is planned and, if necessary, to determine additional points along the route where passengers will be able to board.
It is also worth considering whether transport should be planned only in one direction or maybe in both directions.”

Travel safety

The transport organizer takes responsibility for the safety of passengers. Therefore, you should always remember to carefully check whether the rented vehicles have safety systems , whether they have technical inspections and whether they are  properly serviced . It is also good to trust drivers who should have appropriate qualifications and experience in driving buses or buses.

Punctuality and certainty of service delivery

To be sure that the transport service will be performed on time, it is a good idea to choose an experienced carrier with a large fleet. In the event of a breakdown or accidental accident, a large carrier will provide replacement vehicles. Small businesses may have a problem with this.
If the company from which vehicles are rented has its own inspection station, this is additionally good news for the lessor. At any time, without waiting in lines or making an appointment, you can check a given vehicle and get help if necessary.

Unforeseen situations

These happen quite often and are worth taking into account. Unforeseen situations include traffic jams caused by various events, most often accidents or collisions. It is worth remembering this and including additional travel time in your plan. There may also be situations involving delays caused by the passengers themselves. It’s good to remember this and always have a few minutes to spare.

Bet on PKS Szczecin

If all information regarding the number of guests, the route, the purpose of the trip and the type of vehicle is specified and unforeseen situations are taken into account, you should start finding an appropriate company that will provide transport. And here we recommend PKS Szczecin , which has been organizing transport for smaller and larger groups for years . We have a very diverse fleet, extensive experience and trust of existing customers. We will be happy to help you  organize transport and make sure that everything is taken care of. We cordially invite you to contact us and plan trips with PKS Szczecin.