9 reasons why it is worth using employee transport: Long, tiring, often stressful commutes to work are a problem for many employees today. It also applies to employers who want to provide their staff with good working conditions, knowing that they translate into employees’ efficiency and their approach to daily duties. An excellent solution to this emerging problem is employee transport. How can they improve the quality of professional life and company productivity? Answer below.

Good employee wanted

If you are an employer, you are well aware that nowadays it is difficult to find a conscientious and qualified employee. How to stand out from the competition and attract the attention of job seekers? Solving their everyday problems.
In many cases, these include difficulties related to arduous commuting to work.

That’s why it’s worth it

Firstly, a company that offers employees daily transportation to work and home does not have to worry about providing parking spaces for people who commute to work by car. This significantly reduces costs and allows you to use the available space for another purpose. By limiting the number of cars, the company can boast of pro-ecological solutions. Such activities are very necessary and extremely appreciated today!

Punctuality is essential

Secondly, an employee who has a daily commute to work will always arrive at the company on time! Punctuality is essential in large workplaces, where everything should go according to plan.

Time saving and convenience

An employee is more likely to choose employment in a company where he or she is provided with employee travel. It saves him time, money and, undoubtedly, convenience. Especially if the company is located outside the city limits or far from the center.

Lack of a driving license is not an obstacle

The offer of employee transport is a great opportunity for employers to attract an employee who will choose a company offering employee transport for another important reason. Not everyone today, and such situations also happen, owns not only cars, but also driving licenses. By providing employee transport, you can reach qualified employees who, due to the lack of a car or driving license, would have no chance of employment. This is a huge opportunity to find people to work.

The employee will appreciate it!

“An employee who has a choice between a company offering employee transport and one that does not offer transport options will, in most cases, choose the first one without hesitation. Such an offer is certainly more attractive. Why?
An employee who has transportation to and from work has the feeling that his employer cares about the comfort and safety of his staff. People appreciate it.”

Saving is always included

If the company that employs people is located outside the city limits or away from the city center, commuting to work will cost the employee some money. If you convert the daily rate to the entire month, it may turn out to be quite a significant sum. If the employee can keep it in his wallet, it will certainly be a big plus for him.

No rush or nerves

Thanks to employee transport, employees can reach the company in peace, without worrying about difficulties related to commuting. After finishing work, they have a chance to take a break and regenerate before returning home. Such a start to the day and the opportunity to rest after work provided by employee transport certainly affect employees’ efficiency and their approach to duties.

PKS Szczecin and employee journeys

As you can see in the examples above, employee travel is a great solution that can bring many benefits to employers. PKS Szczecin, as a company with an established position on the market, organizes employee transport, providing transport for employees of many companies that have already decided to cooperate. We have a large fleet and experience in organizing employee transport. Thanks to this, we are able to provide safe, comfortable and punctual transport for company employees. Our goal is to guarantee optimal travel conditions that contribute to increasing employee satisfaction and efficiency, creating a favorable working climate.